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Strategic developmental planning & policies

Green Institute has developed a team of world-class highly qualified national and international experts from diverse backgrounds including urban planning, design, architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, geospatial analytics, ICT, model making/visualizations, graphic design, education, economics, environment, health, and project management. This diversity of experts and professionals helps the Green Institute for effective planning and design of the cities and communities.

With the involvement of its experts, Green Institute is offering advisory services to the government especially local government in the development of strategic plan, action plan, operational plan and Master plan. Green Institute works in environmental planning, economic development planning, investment planning, structural planning, infrastructure planning, tourism development planning, agriculture development planning and disaster risk reduction/management or resilience planning.

Green Institute also works to review, restructure and update the plans, strategies and policies and provide detailed recommendations to improve the plans, strategies and policies in Nepal’s context. The Green Institute wants to ensure that such plans are geared towards making cities, municipalities and communities more sustainable in terms of competitive (economy), livable (environment), and inclusive (social) aspects.