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Climate-smart & Resilient municipalities

Nepal is highly vulnerable to natural disasters including floods, landslides, earthquake including health related disasters. Despite its low contribution on GHGs emissions, the country is witnessing adverse impacts of climate change, which has amplified climate disasters. Green Institute provides technical advisory services, expertise and assistance to municipalities become more resilient to the environmental, physical, social, and economic challenges including health-crisis such as pandemic and enable municipalities to absorb recover and prepare for future shocks.

For strengthening municipal resilience, we carry out following activities:

-We make a Rapid municipal diagnosis, research and risk mapping to better understand municipalities’ present status on resiliency.

-We assess municipality’s strengths, vulnerabilities, and exposure to different natural disasters and manmade threats in order to build their resilience.

-We help municipalities improve their understanding of risk and the performance of municipal systems and to identify priority actions that will enhance municipal resilience.

-We devise plan, policies, approaches and strategies to reduce loss and risks from disasters

-In coordination with municipal governments, we also organize events like knowledge/skill development workshop for enhancing knowledge and skills and sharing best practice in improving resilience.

-We assist municipalities to be a resilient municipality by sharing knowledge and expertise.