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About Us

Green Institute is an organization that creates knowledge in the field of sustainable development. It shares and utilizes knowledge, high-quality expertise, transformative ideas, reliable data and right information for creating a sustainably developed society. It wants to ensure that “better change happens on the ground” through sustainability education, research, innovation, technology, quality leadership, development practice, and appropriate actions.

The vision of the Institute is the development of sustainable, green, resilient, healthy, inclusive, safer, smart and prosperous cities, municipalities and communities in Nepal. The main mission of the Institute is to educate & empower the people, to change people’s behavior, carry out research & multi-dimensional analysis and produce evidence-based integrated solutions to address various facets of sustainable development challenges of Nepal, including social, economic, environmental, and governance issues. Using data and evidence, it rigorously diagnoses underlying and root causes of developmental problems or challenges through the lens of the three dimensions of sustainable development, and finds out scientific, effective, innovative, practical, and sustainable solutions to address various societal problems of Nepal.

It is formed with the involvement of national and international experts, distinguished academics, experienced practitioners & developmental professionals to contribute for planning, designing and building sustainable, green, resilient, healthy, safer, inclusive, smart & prosperous cities, municipalities and communities in Nepal.

The institute mainly works on the following broad frames: Research, policy and outreach; key priority areas; and collaboration, collective actions and partnerships.

Research, Policy and Outreach

-It gets engaged on rigorous research to generate highly-reliable, high-quality, real-time data and right information on issues related to sustainable development

-It functions as an independent, non-partisan think tank and ensures impartial, integrated, coherent, comprehensive, cross-sectorial, multi-dimensional policy analysis, recommendations and support for sustainable development.

-It not only works in the formulation of better policies but also works for the implementation of policies.It explores the benefits and impacts of key national policies and programs at sub-national and local levels.

-It tries to form and stimulate public opinion through open public debate/discourse and widely spread knowledge and right information.

-It organizes policy discourses, conferences, summits, dialogues, talk show, symposia and workshops, promotes diverse public dialogue, and produces policy-relevant information

-It attempts to leverage innovative ideas, including new scientific approaches and enhance the science-policy-practice link to find and deploy sustainable solutions to development problems

-It publishes journals, periodicals, books and monographs etc

Key Priority Areas:

-It aims to ensure social, economic, and environmental prosperity of urban and rural areas of Nepal by taking advantages of various integrated approaches to sustainable development as well as global and regional norms, standards & best practices

-It aims to provide high-quality advisory services to governmental and non-governmental institutions for achieving the goals of sustainable development

-It aims to sensitize the people and change their behavior towards sustainable development friendly action through community initiatives

-It aims to produce quality and competent sustainable development leaders through quality education and hands-on training

-It wants to enlighten the knowledge and skills of local government leaders and staffs for making sustainable development decisions

Collaborations, Collective Actions, and Partnerships

-It firmly believes in partnership, collaboration, coordination and collective actions. It is attempting to be one of the most reliable partners especially for governmental and non-governmental agencies notably in the areas of planning, implementation, management, governance, effective delivery systems and concrete results on the ground for sustainable development.

-It is facilitating especially local and sub-national governments to promote a sustainable development planning, policies and strategies as well as scale up action for sustainable development at local and sub-national levels as a means for localizing Sustainable Development Goals.

-It is also attempting to encourage and support for solid follow-up, monitoring, review and impact assessment.It tries to bring together developmental workers, activists, experts, scholars, practitioners, public officials, policy makers, business, civil society, media people, general public and the scientific community and provide a common forum for multidisciplinary perspectives on public policy concerning sustainable development. 

-It is intended as an open platform for critical exchange between researchers, professionals, and decision-makers and to build consensus between various stakeholders working for sustainable development.